DEC DEC 2010 Title: WAR 2011
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Hiroshima written in Japanese Hiroshima 2 2007
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Zone q 2003

the situation
is tense. non-compliance
will henceforth mean
war. yes!			You back here!
WAR.				you three letter word
bright banners soon cry		of films and museums and magical swords
all peace loving people		you say to your friend
unite				let's meet soon again
too late dude this phrase	   when all has been done
has been ambushed last night	     with drones and new guns
on TV				in Paris on Champs Elysees
				why eerie? you smile
	all close the ranks	right.
	all talk the fight	All.
	all gather those ribboned blackyellow bands
	and pray for our soldiers
	in forsaken lands
	all minds slowly downed by virus might
	just three letters long. just three.
	marchons	enfants enfants
			soon motherboards will overheat and over-
			write the memories
			all letters jumbled
at flickering fog's blunt cutting edge
				the fever curse
	the scream
			it's BACK

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